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Welcome to the NTFS-OS2 home page ! (Last updated on 22.06.99)

What is NTFS-OS2 ? NTFS-OS2 was supposed to be a package that would allow OS/2 to seamlessly access Windows NT NTFS formatted partitions from OS/2 as if they were standard OS/2 drive letters. The ultimate aim of this package was to be able to use the NTFS file system as a replacement of FAT or HPFS.

NTFS-OS2 is composed of several parts :

In the future: a 32 bits OS/2 file system driver that allows read-write access to Windows NT NTFS file systems.
an early R/O support for NTFS is now included in VFAT-IFS v0.05
Several tools to access a NTFS filesystem in readonly mode.

What will be the main features of the file system driver ? The file system driver, ntfs-os2.ifs, is the heart of NTFS-OS2, as it is the component that manages seamless access to Windows NT file systems. This driver has the following characteristics :

it is a full 32 bits ring 0 implementation,
it supports read access,
it has a global pseudo-dynamic disk cache, only limited by physical memory available,
it takes advantage of the underlying I/O subsystem by using its asynchronous I/O interface.

What is the latest version of NTFS-OS2 ? The latest available version of NTFS-OS2 is 0.03, it was released on November 3rd., 1997 in a package file named ntfs_003.zip (313780 bytes) which does not contain a NTFS IFS.

Where to find NTFS-OS2 ? NTFS-OS2 can be found at least on the following sites :


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Feedback and support Please feel free to contact support for any question on ntfs-os2. You are also encouraged to give me some feedback on how it works on your system and what new features you would like ... this helps me improve it ! Both success stories and disasters interest me.